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     When you think about it, giving someone access to your calendar is pretty vulnerable, right? My own boyfriend doesn't even have access to my calendar... (sorry, Bae!)


     My name is Lori Tishfield and I am the Founder of Natural Talent, an experiential staffing agency completely comprised of actors. I'm an actor myself, and I've found that the combination of performance and building brand awareness has been pivotal to the growth of the brands that I work with.


     To give you a sense of what Natural Talent has done, we have worked with over100 brands and have provided jobs for over 120 actors. We quickly became one of the top recommended demo companies for the NE region of Whole Foods and staffed ongoing popups for Saks Fifth Avenue, Pop Sugar, Kohl's, and French Wink. We partnered with marketing firms to staff their initiatives for Air France, Hanes, Overwatch League, and H&M. The response to our work has been pretty wild and we have expanded to Chicago, LA...pretty much where all the actors are.


                            Welp, work begets work begets work.


       With Natural Talent, I have cultivated many relationships throughout NYC. Each month, I receive vendor inquiries from some of the hottest industry events, retailers, and boutique fitness studios in town...and it's all right here in Lori's Calendar. Each event is hand picked by me with the intent of giving your brand a unique and memorable opportunity to grow. When we review an event, we consider volume, the demographic of the neighborhood, surrounding retailers that your product is sold in, etc. Led by our stellar team of Natural Talent brand ambassadors, the events on my calendar pave the way for New Yorkers to experience authentic brand advocation beyond the in-store demo. Our customer activations are all about getting your brand in the hands of people that will "click" with it, tell all their friends about it, and pick it up at their local store. That's what we're all about.

                                            From my calendar to yours, 


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