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Julian Barnes

Co-Founder, Boutique Fitness Summit

Lori is my go to for all the my fitness events that I produce. Not only does Lori provide reliable, charismatic, and enthusiastic staff with the Natural Talent Team (sometimes with hours notice!), but she also is all about connection. She’s always connecting us with emerging brands that we often feature as exhibitors and in our gift bags to fitness influencers. 


When I work with Lori, I’m not only working with a driven female entrepreneur, but I’m also getting access to a network of amazing up and coming brands that I can collaborate with and form long lasting relationships with for future opportunities. 

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Maria Dimakos

National Field Marketing Manager,

The Coconut Collaborative

There is no such thing as impossible when you are working with Lori and her team at Natural Talent.  We're a small, yet mighty team of coconuts at The Coconut Collaborative, but working with Lori and her professional, knowledgeable, energetic and fun team, elevates and expands our brand into every corner of the city and beyond. This summer, we gave Lori a seemingly impossible task.  Create a fun, on brand, guerrilla marketing strategy to distribute 10,000 of our yogurts, in NYC. Oh… and figure it out in a week.


Lori connected us with tailor-made opportunities and events for our brand. Not only did we distribute all the product we had, but we connected with the people that mattered the most, our consumers - bringing The Coconut Collaborative to life. Lori’s deep understanding of what it takes for a brand to be successful in the health and wellness space has been invaluable. If you are serious about taking your brand to the next level, working with Lori and Natural Talent is your best choice.  

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